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Pearl Harbor Essay Contest

PHDCC sponsors an annual essay contest:.

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Pearl Harbor Essay Rules

Pearl Harbor Day Commemorative Committee (PHDCC)
Henderson County, NC

The December 7th, 1941 Japanese Surprise Attack on the
US Armed Forces at Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field Essay Competition
“What is the significance of Pearl Harbor”

This essay contest is meant to be a rewarding learning experience and challenge. Your chances of winning will dramatically increase if you follow these procedures and suggestions.

1. ELIGIBILITY: High School Students only.

2. APPROACH: "What is the significance of Pearl Harbor?"

  • Positive with focus on your views of the consequences of that attack on America and the world today
  • Content, sentence structure, and syntax must be yours alone

To start you thinking on a focus for your Essay, please consider:

  • How the attack united America to organize and mobilize to fight on two fronts – against the Japanese and the Third Reich.
  • The impact of the attack on America's state of preparedness, how the mood of the country was changed to "Never Again" would we allow our military state of readiness to be so lacking, and how that attitude affected the way we reacted to the Soviet/Communist Chinese threat in the early years of the Cold War.
  • The parallels between the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
    The result of the Pearl Harbor attack on Japanese war aims. Did the attack accomplish its objective?
  • How did America turn defeat into victory in the Pacific – what problems were overcome in the turnaround?
  • How America changed from "Isolationism" to "The World Power." Where are we today? How do we prepare for the future?

3. Entries must:

  • Be typewritten in English
  • Be in 12 point font using Times New Roman and double spaced
  • Have a minimum of 500 words (title, footnotes, sources do not count)
  • Have quotations identified
  • Have a conclusion
  • Have at least 3 references listed at end (e.g., interviews [include biographical info], articles, web sites, etc.) (PHDCC Brochure and Wikipedia are NOT acceptable sources).
  • Parent/teacher/counselor may advise on spelling, punctuation, and grammar
    Improperly prepared essays will not be judged

4. Up to 45 pts for Historical accuracy & the significance of the event on the future
    Up to 35 pts for Clarity of ideas, human interest, positive message
    Up to 20 pts for Clarity of expression, punctuation, grammar, spelling
    DISQUALIFIED: Insufficient, acceptable references

5. Submission:

  • Staple the Entry Form/cover sheet to the essay. Do not write your name or school on the essay
  • Submit one essay to your designated school counselor/teacher by the set due date to be submitted to PHDCC by Nov. 17, 2010